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One of the best anime of the season, maybe one of the most interesting of the year.

No Game No Life.

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From “Hamatora : The Animation”

Hamatora always full of twists. Thank you for the 12 episodes! Until season two (:

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"Very first time I saw this movie the ending made me mad, but then laying in bed I realized the genius of it. The story isnt so much a love story as it is a story about relationships in general. In the first segment when he is separated from her and then meets her after the long (and beautifully drawn) train scene, which strengthens his love for her for the following segments.

Second segment is where it starts to affect him. There he has a beautiful girl who wants nothing more than for the MC to pay attention to her but him being caught in the past stops anything from ever growing. Looking back, he probably would have lead a more fulfilling life in the rural areas in segment 2 if he had become aware earlier.

But alas, he goes back to the city and finds love, but it is shown to be very short loved. It is plainly obvious that his obsession has ruined his life and left him in a rut. This is where the ULTIMATE bittersweet ending comes in. The sad music (which is an amazing song) starts and it’s a montage of him wandering the town searching for answers to his depression, then it shows his childhood love going off to get married to another man as she had moved on ages ago. This really sets the stark difference to the two characters opinions on the past, and just how much the MC has dwelled on it. The ending is a little ambiguous but it can be assumed that him not turning around to see if it was her means that he has moved on, and he is going to sort his life out. All in all a beautiful movie. 10/10 would watch again.”

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Animegraphy 2013

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes.
Started watching this anime because I read 12 chapters of the manga. The first 20 episodes of the anime were great, but the last 5 episodes ruined it for me ): It started getting confusing and rushed. The last episode is not even finished, it makes it look like the anime would get a second season. But its been a few years now, so its unlikely for them to create a second season. It had so much potential though! I’ll patiently wait for the manga to update. It was good for the first 20 episodes.. but I haven’t finished an anime series in so long, so I guess it was kind of worth it.

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"I won't let someone like you get close to Nice. I will protect Nice... as his lover friend!"
- Art | Episode 7

Did not expect this.. Sad ):

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Hamatora, is pretty interesting. Similar to a manga that I’m reading, but it’s about people born with Gods.

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